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Trackello Animal Database

We help, protect and reunite pets

Keeping animals safe with the use of cutting-edge technology

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Trackello Animal Database
No borders, no barriers.

What is Trackello, and how does it exactly work?

Something new, something more.

Trackello is an online animal recovery tool that combines classic database services with the latest pet tech solutions.

We aim to safeguard and reunite animals with their owners by using advanced pet identification and the power of AI.

No borders, no barriers.
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We use AI and photo recognition technology to help bring lost pets back home even faster.

Track digital paw prints

Match your missing pet's details with online information about animals found nearby.

Send lost pet alerts

Use Trackello to alert veterinary services and shelters about your animal missing in the area.

No borders, no barriers

Trackello supports pets and their owners internationally, regardless of time zones or country borders.

User-tailored privacy

Choose whether to make your contact details public or utilize our in-app notification features.

Lightning-fast ID 24/7

Connect our NFC/QR code tags with your pet's digital profile for immediate identification.

It's really not that hard.
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It's really not that hard.

One in three pets will become lost in their lifetime

Be aware and minimize the risk.

Some animals are natural escape artists; others run away when they panic or catch a scent. It can happen to any pet parent.

Think ahead and register with us to help prevent your pet from getting lost, or use Trackello if it's already gone missing.

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What is a 360° Trackello database registration?

We cover all the bases for you.

Vets, shelters, and individuals can identify your pet in multiple ways, even without a microchip, and quickly contact you.

At the same time, we support owners with proactive features that can increase the chances of their animals' safe return.

Fast, efficient and effective.
found a white Akita in Fa..
secured a stray..
dog with chip no. 985001..

Need more? How about our tags?!

Connect them with your pet's digital profile

No battery

No charging and no app needed for it to work with iOS and Android.


Tap the tag or scan the QR code to view the pet's data and contact details.


Robust, with an additional metal ring to withstand everyday use.


Stay informed! Get notified immediately once your animal is found.

Questions? We have the answers!

Check the information below or visit our Support

Do you track pets in real time?

No. Trackello is not a GPS-based service. However, we use other ways to find pets and reunite them with their owners.

What is pet photo recognition?

In order to identify your missing animal, we compare its photos and match them with pictures of other pets.

What are pet search reports?

We look for available online data matching your lost pet's description and cross-check it with other details.

What if my pet is already missing?

Register right away, activate a plan and use our services. We'll do our best to support you in finding your animal.

Can I register without a chip?

Sure! Although we recommend microchipping, Trackello also works for pets without an RFID implant.

What are missing pet alerts?

We alert veterinary clinics and shelters near your pet's last known location if possible.

How do you use AI technology?

Trackello utilizies signature methods of sematic content analysis to help identify lost dogs and cats.

What if I did not lose my dog?

One in three pets goes missing at least once in their lifetime. Don't wait for it to happen; register your animal today!